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Crochetex Full + Carrying Case Kit


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Crochetex Full + Carrying Case Kit



Myofascial crocheting instrument kit with Crochetex


This is a technique in which the therapist performs the breakdown and dissolution of adhesions in tissue lining the muscle fibers for muscle releasing its structural modeling, shock absorption, transport of nutrients and excessive storage of fat.

The instrumental technique consists in performing XY “Zig-Zag”, can be in the longitudinal or transverse direction of muscle fibers or muscle as a whole.


instrumental crochetagem Post-traumatic fibrosis with Crochetex Kit

It is a treatment technique that accomplishes breakage and dissolution of the fibrous adhesions arising from connective tissue disorganization of factors caused by traumatic and / or inflammatory. The technique consists of, by reorganization of connective tissue formed after trauma, release fibers or bundles affected by tissue stiffness. Normally this technique is applied as substantial scarring treatment in cases of traumatic origin.


Kit Contains:

1 along with ball hook Crochetex®

1 Crochetex® hook long stoned

1 Average hook Crochetex®

1 Crochetex® – Short hook with ball

1 Crochetex® – Short hook stoned



Arc spherical tipped hook and / Polished mirror plateaus

Tool body with satin finish

* Do not use paint, the finish is performed on the surface of the material


anatomical palm grip allows for excellent grip to pull the release during the technical application

stainless steel manufactured – Surgical Steel

Ball tip for machining with mirror polishing.

Accompanies a Bag protection or case for transport.

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