A little about our history

Reabilitech was born in 2006 to bring improvements to the lives of children with cerebral palsy. Initially, we focused on the development of our walker, the AutoTransfer, which was internationally recognized as a functional and efficient equipment for patients.
Afterwards, researching alongside with UFSCar (Federal University of São Carlos), we started to create new solutions, expanding our equipment offer by developing three walkers models – while always keeping in mind the uses and benefits brought by them to the population.
Our scope of action has also been expanded over time due to the evolution we have persistently sought and also for our constant studies. Today we attend, in addition to patients with cerebral palsy, several other levels of rehabilitation.
Prosthetics, gait assisting exoskeletons, surgical instruments, as well as massage equipments, are some of the products we have accomplished in our quest to improve designs and
functionalities – favorable to the rehabilitation of patients with some sort of paralysis or physical disability.
Currently, Reabilitech invests in myofascial release (soft tissue release) equipment, which represents an innovation in physical therapy treatment.
Our team is formed by professionals, especialized in engineering, materials and design, whose main goal is to make myofascial release easier for its users – both professionals and their patients. Such dedication earned us a partnership with Cefisa (Institute of Health Education).

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